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The NWConnectory® Network is a Buyer-Supplier Network that provides:

  • A unique way to connect with companies by understanding their capabilities
  • Powerful means for government, large company, and institutional buyers to identify sources of products and services
  • Detailed capabilities and capacities for companies at every level of the supply chain
  • Focus on manufacturing/technology companies and their supply chain
  • Showcase for tens of thousands of US companies at NO COST to them
  • Internet speed/powerful search engine combined with in-depth company database
  • Commitment to usability, coverage, quality, and continual updating distinguishes it from any other available database

This business-to-business search engine makes it possible for potential customers and partners to easily find Northwest companies with the technical capabilities they need.

Our staff will review your profile and post it live within 24 hours!
Once approved your organization will be part of 4000+ buyer-supplier network